Frequently asked questions

Will Intui work on my phone?

Intui works on all iPhones with iOS 14 or newer and Android phones with Android 7 or newer.

Why can’t I see a group member’s location?

Location sharing must be turned on in the app settings. In some cases, e.g. when underground, there can be issues with acquiring the GPS signal.

Why is Intui free?

Because we’re still building the app. There will be additional paid features in the future, but the current version of the tracking app will remain free – forever.

How can I contact you?

If you have a suggestion, want to report a bug or just say "Hi", you can either use the contact form here, drop us a line at, or shoot us a message on Twitter.

Who is Intui for?

Intui is a free family tracker created so that parents can track and protect their child, ensuring their safety. But it can be used however you want – watch over elderly relatives, coordinate with friends on a night out, or even as a phone locator.

How can I support Intui?

If you’re enjoying the Intui family GPS tracker, the best way to support us is to leave a positive review on the App store (iPhone) and the Play Store (Android). We also invite you to follow our Twitter and Facebook.