Rest easy knowing what your family’s up to

Intui is a family location sharing app for keeping track of your loved ones. Know what's going on and be the first to react if something happens.

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Feel safe no matter where you are

See what’s happening to your kids on their school trip, keep an eye out on elderly relatives, or ask your spouse to watch over you on your evening jog.



See their real-time battery level



Know what they're currently doing



Pinpoint exactly where they are

Feel safe
Family activity tracker

Introducing family activity tracker

More than just a family location tracking app, Intui also shows you what everyone is doing. See who's out for a walk, who's driving to work, and who's relaxing at home.


6 activity types

Intui automatically detects the type of activity


Real-time updates

See what's happening, while it's happening

Your data is safe with us

We do NOT sell, rent, or share your data with any third party. We value your privacy as much as we value your safety.


View all your data

You can view all of your data we have stored on our servers. Find it in the Account section under Settings.


Only necessary data

We store only the necessary data for a short period of time. When it's no longer needed, it's deleted from our databases.


256-bit encryption

Industry standard encryption for both data storage and transfer ensures nobody can intrude on your privacy.